How does cervical cancer in situ cause it?

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How does cervical cancer in situ cause it?

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1, some people think that her husband is too long or phimosis of his wife occurred in the relative risk of cervical cancer. Suffering from penile cancer or prostate cancer or his ex-wife suffering from cervical cancer, and men have multiple sexual objects, the wife of the chance of suffering from cervical cancer increased. Therefore, this is one of the causes of cervical cancer.
2,(HPV), simple herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2), human cytomegalovirus (HCMV), Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), and so on. The pathogen is closely related to cervical cancer, especially human papillomavirus (HPV) And EB virus (EBV).
3, virus or fungal infection is the cause of cervical cancer. Herpes simplex virus type II, human papillomavirus, human cytomegalovirus and fungal infection may be associated with the occurrence of cervical cancer. But what kind of virus-induced or in which several virus collaboration under the occurrence of cervical cancer and other issues have not yet been resolved.
4, sexual disorders and sexually transmitted diseases, some investigations and studies show that sexual disorder in the cause of cervical cancer plays an important role. Before the age of 15 to start sex or have more than 6 sexual partners, the risk of cervical cancer increased by 10 times the male sexual disorder also increased the prevalence of spouses.
5, marriage and childbirth, sperm is one of the causes of cervical cancer, semen on the cervical squamous epithelium has a strong role in promoting the mutation, especially adolescent women, the neck of the neck is highly sensitive period, semen incentives more dangerous. In addition, according to epidemiological survey, suffering from cervical cancer is not only 10% of pregnant women; early age of early age, high incidence of cervical cancer. This may be related to women in the process of childbirth prone to tear and injury, low immune function during pregnancy, cervical epithelial cells susceptible to external pathogenic factors such as the invasion of factors. Therefore, the occurrence of cervical cancer also have a certain impact.
6, cervical erosion, laceration and valgus can also cause high incidence of cervical cancer Due to the physiological and anatomy of the cervix, easy to suffer from a variety of physical, chemical and biological factors such as stimulation, including trauma, hormones and viruses. This is also the cause of cervical cancer.
7, smoking epidemiological survey in recent years, smokers suffering from cervical cancer increased by 2 times the risk of smoking to strengthen the HPV infection factors, smoking and cervical cancer risk is positively correlated.
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