What are the treatment of postpartum depression?

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What are the treatment of postpartum depression?

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(1) supportive psychotherapy supportive psychotherapy, also known as supportive therapy. Refers to the implementation of medical care in the process, the medical staff of the psychological state of patients with a reasonable use of persuasion, encouragement, compassion, comfort, support and understanding and assurance methods can effectively eliminate the patient's bad mood, so that it is in the best treatment Mental state, so as to ensure the smooth progress of treatment, so that the disease recovered soon.
(2) interpersonal psychotherapy The psychological treatment of depression is mainly used to treat the onset of acute depression in adults, aimed at relieving depressive symptoms, improve the social problems of patients with depression. Common interpersonal problems in patients with depression include four aspects: abnormal sad reactions, interpersonal conflicts, the role of difficult changes and lack of interpersonal relationships.
(3) music therapy depression treatment of psychological treatment of the most popular one, than music therapy. The brain margin system and the brain stem network structure play a major role in regulating the internal organs and body function, and the music can have a direct or indirect effect on these nerve structures.
(4) focus transfer If the postpartum does face serious unpleasant life events, and even difficult to solve the problem, do not let the energy is always concentrated in the adverse events. The more you want the mood will be worse, the more bad the more likely to get rid of the horns, the mood will be more and more low, into a vicious circle of emotional cycle. So the appropriate transfer of their attention, is a transfer method, the attention will be transferred to some happy things, concerned about their own preferences, not only thinking on the transfer, but also can personally participate in the activities of the happy activities.
(5) behavior adjustment method In view of women after the production is not suitable for vigorous exercise, but some appropriate relaxation of the activities is necessary, such as deep breathing, walking, meditation, meditation calm picture, listen to soothing music and so on.
(6) talk to the catharsis to find friends or relatives to communicate, do not worry about heart song, crying a no harm, enjoy venting depressed mood.
(7) the role of alternating law Do not forget Although the mother, but still her husband's wife, parents of love, who can not only 24 hours full-time mother, so give yourself a role to enjoy the wife and wife that power.
(8) self-encouragement law self-appreciation, to see their own advantages, see the benefits of things, think about things may be successful side.
(9) self-realization of law is only a way to achieve women's self, but by no means the only way, so do not forget there are other self-realization of the potential and needs. May take advantage of the time of maternity leave can also pay attention to their own good at the cause, so the end of maternity leave will face a new image.
2. routine treatment
Insomnia depression patients can be used drugs combined with psychological treatment.
3. Drug treatment
Optional selective serotonin reuptake inhibition, with toxic side effects, easy to take and so on. For many of today's developed countries, the first-line treatment of depression. Representative drugs are fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, fluvoxamine, citalopram. Or choose to take other neurotransmitter mechanism of new antidepressants: ① trazodone: is a weak antidepressant, a significant difference in the effect of severe depression. Against the anxiety, insomnia, mild to moderate depression is the best indications. ② duloxetine, venlafaxine: for a variety of depression, rapid onset, no special contraindications, but liver and kidney patients with caution. ③ mirtazapine: the drug is well tolerated, less side effects, is a new antidepressant. ④ moclobemide: it can treat all types of depression, anxiety and depression mixed state effect is also better.
4. Physical therapy
Physical therapy compared with the drug, with no side effects, dependent effect of significant features. Transcranial micro-current stimulation therapy This physical therapy is through the micro-current stimulation of the brain, can directly regulate the brain secretion of a series of help to improve the depressive symptoms of neurotransmitters and hormones, which by increasing the secretion of 5-HT, Adrenaline release, enhance the excitability of nerve cell activity, which play a role in alleviating individual depression. By promoting the secretion of sedative endorphins, can enable patients to maintain a relaxed, comfortable mental state, is conducive to better ease before the negative, depressed emotional state. In addition, through the improvement of brain waves in patients and the improvement of various physiological indicators, play a role in the improvement of the physical symptoms of depressed patients.
5. Electrical shock treatment
Depression patients should prevent self-injury and suicide, for the strong sense of suicide use of electric shock can get immediate results, to be stable after the drug and consolidation.
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