What is the cause of amebic cervicitis?

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What is the cause of amebic cervicitis?

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(A) The cause of the disease
Caused by the organization of amoeba. Most of the amebba of the reproductive tract comes from the trophozoites in the intestine, and very few are transmitted through sexual contact. After the infection of amoeba is not all the disease, according to the body resistance level, the number of trophozoites and the virulence of the worm and decide whether the disease or not.
(B) The pathogenesis
On the human body pathogenic amoeba protozoa is dissolved tissue amoeba, its life cycle has two periods, trophozoites and cystic stage, trophozoites can cause tissue damage, cysts caused by the body and the body of the Between the infection between humans and animals rarely cause infection. Amebic invasion of the reproductive tract mucosa, by its secretion of tissue lytic enzymes, dissolved around the organization to mucosal damage, ulceration, virulent strong strains can also invade submucosal tissue. So the ulcers caused by larger, deeper, more often left after the scar.
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answered by GABRIEL
Amebic cervicitis often accompanied by leucorrhea, pudendal pain, with ulcers. Mainly through gynecological examination and secretions detection to diagnosis.
Secretions smear Find amoeba protozoa trophozoites, tumor markers check. In the ulcer edge of the living tissue for pathological sections, can be seen amoeba trophozoites. Clinical suspicion of desirable vaginal secretions for culture, but amoeba culture requirements of higher conditions, more complex technology, the general hospital to do more difficult.
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