What is the possibility of testicularitis affecting fertility?

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asked in Obstetrics & Gynecology by BETH
I am a man, and I am not very big this year, and I am about thirty years old, I have a love for my wife, but I recently had a problem that I was very upset because I felt my body There was a problem, very early time I went to find a lady, and now I am very sorry, I always think I will have a problem, so always sensitive, now married after a year I was no children, I know I may There will be testicularitis, but I am not sure, do not know the possibility of orchitis affect fertility?

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answered by GWEN
Men suffering from orchitis, if the occurrence of epithelial changes, you can no longer be regenerated or restored, so if the testicles will lead to shrinking the situation, the texture will change with the disease, the impact of fertility also occupy a larger, Married infertility is a very normal symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for targeted treatment.
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answered by APRIL
1 male if there is unclean sexual life, then there may be the emergence of orchitis, and orchitis may be the cause of infertility patients lead to the biggest reason, because the orchitis is the impact of male fertility organs, and the proportion of Said, is also quite large.

2 In fact, the testis is a very important male reproductive organs, so now young men must pay attention to the maintenance of testicles, orchitis generally occurs in the cystitis and urethritis between, and there is a relatively large bacteria, The way to infection is also very much.

3 orchitis is a direct impact on the number and quality of male sperm, orchitis if confirmed, the general doctor will give the program is anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory to deal with, but also depends on the patient's physique, you can also take some local hot compress Treatment, that is, physical therapy.
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