What is the effect of the Small labia hypertrophy?

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asked in Obstetrics & Gynecology by NATALIE
Female genitalia is the main labia minora, labia minora, and then the vagina, small labia hypertrophy refers to the size of the labia minora has more than the scope of the labia majora, then what will harm it?

1 Answer

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answered by KATHERINE
1 First affect the appearance of the labia minora directly over the labia majora, with friends in the time, it will inevitably feel that they are different with others, leading to psychological depression.
2 Thin masculis fat will be tightly wrapped in the urethra, so sometimes when the urine will lead to the side of the urine to go, and even get their own shoes.
3 Due to the small maze fat will cover the yin emperor, so in the sex life, will seriously affect the pleasure of sexual life.
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