What are the symptoms of female tubal clogging?

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Fallopian tube is very important for women, it is the female can not lead the pregnancy. Female normal function of the fallopian tube on reproductive function plays a very important role in the fallopian tube is the sperm upstream channel, is the site of fertilized egg combination, but also the transport of fine eggs orbit. Therefore, when the occurrence of salpingitis or pelvic inflammatory disease, the fallopian tube is prone to adhesion or complete atresia, resulting in infertility. So the importance of the fallopian tube for women must be known to women. So what is the symptom of tubal barrier?

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Irregular menstruation fallopian tube problems may affect the ovaries, when the fallopian tube inflammation lesions spread to the ovaries, ovarian function will cause varying degrees of damage, resulting in abnormal menstruation. The occurrence of dysmenorrhea tubal barrier patients will have dysmenorrhea, long-term chronic inflammation of the fallopian tube can lead to pelvic congestion, causing bleeding bloody dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea more than 1 week before menstruation began to have abdominal pain, the more the menstrual period, until menstrual cramps The
2 lower abdominal pain in patients with a small number of patients in the fallopian tube inflammation, will feel lower abdominal pain, some patients with tubal umbrella water will have chronic abdominal pain performance. When the fallopian tube unreasonable disease long delay, some patients will be one side or both sides of the lower abdomen pain, fall, secretions, low back pain and other symptoms. The typical symptoms of infertility fallopian tubes are infertility. Female fallopian tube is to play the sperm, the egg and the fertilized egg transported to the uterine cavity of the important role, when the fallopian tube by the lesion, that is, the formation of obstruction, hinder the passage of sperm and fertilized eggs, leading to infertility.
3 other serious fallopian tube barrier, in addition to infertility, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms, there may be increased vaginal discharge, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, labor affected or impatient labor, mental and neurological symptoms such as depression. Understand the symptoms of tubal barrier, feel if they have such a situation, it is necessary to timely treatment. Should be timely to the hospital for professional treatment, so as not to lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy occurred. Among them, the greatest impact on infertility couples, ectopic pregnancy can also cause life-threatening. Therefore, the fallopian tube must be found in time to find timely treatment, do not delay the dead, or will be more serious.
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To pay attention to work and rest with the fallopian tube after the blockage, the daily life must work and rest, not too tired, tired in life will be appropriate to rest, do not insist on physical work, but not brute force Move heavy, so to help alleviate the disease. Pay attention to maintenance, can not be cold had tubal blockage, the patient's body is very weak, the daily must not ignore the maintenance of the work, that usually life, do not catch cold, so that the disease is very helpful to alleviate the disease! Especially in the hot summer, women should pay attention not to often air-conditioning, so that the lower limbs and waist too cold, will increase the condition.
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