Congenital moderate cervical erosion, how to do it?

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answered by OLLIE
Cervical erosion is a lot of time is caused by the day after tomorrow, but there are a very small number of patients is congenital, cervical erosion it is also the severity of the points, and the most common is mild, moderate and severe three cases, varying degrees Of patients with symptoms are not the same, leading to the emergence of cervical erosion is very many reasons, and congenital of the disease it is a hereditary disease, and other patients developed to a certain age after the disease will attack, although it Is congenital, but its performance symptoms with the day after the cervical erosion is not much difference.
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answered by LELA
Cervical erosion patients developed to moderate, the patient's vaginal discharge will increase the situation, and the leucorrhea color is yellow and with a smell, the vagina will often appear itching, and some patients in the course of sexual life may also be There is vaginal bleeding situation.
Some patients to the mid-term even if there is no sex, vaginal parts may also appear blood outflow, but also regular abdominal pain, the emergence of the above symptoms must be treated as soon as possible, to moderate the best treatment is to choose surgery For treatment, only surgery can be faster to allow patients to return to health.
Because cervical erosion is a very common gynecological diseases, in the use of surgical treatment when the effect is very obvious, and now medical technology is also very advanced, so when the patient will not have too obvious pain, after surgery will not give The normal life of the patient has any effect.
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answered by THOMAS
Cervical erosion with long-term unclean sexual life has a certain relationship, so women must always keep their personal hygiene clean, especially in time to replace the personal clothing, after the end of sexual relations should be washed with warm water, the only way to be able to reduce The presence of bacteria, the prevention of gynecological diseases have great benefits, it should eat some relatively light and nutritious food.
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