What are the clinical manifestations of intestinal tuberculosis?

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Intestinal tuberculosis is a chronic intestinal infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TMB). Mainly caused by human type Mycobacterium tuberculosis. A small number of areas due to drinking unsterilized carrier milk or dairy products and the occurrence of bovine tuberculosis mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease is generally seen in young people, women slightly more than men. In recent years due to increased human immunodeficiency virus infection, immunosuppressive agents widely used, some people immunization is low, leading to the incidence of the disease has increased, then, What are the typical clinical manifestations of intestinal tuberculosis?

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Abdominal pain: more pain in the lower right lower abdomen and umbilical cord, Department of ileocephalitis caused by traction, the pain is generally lighter, was pain or dull pain, there are also intermittent pain, often in the meal or postprandial induced. Hyperplasia of intestinal tuberculosis complicated by intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain is mainly colic, and the corresponding symptoms of intestinal obstruction.
Diarrhea and constipation: due to intestinal inflammation and ulcer stimulation, so that accelerated peristalsis, emptying too fast and secondary dyspepsia easily lead to diarrhea. Defecation generally 2 to 4 times a day, mostly paste, light only a small amount of mucus, severe diarrhea can be up to 10 times a day, the blood will be rare. In addition can also have constipation, feces were sheep feces, or diarrhea a constipation alternately appear.
Abdominal mass: abdomen often located in the right lower abdomen, moderate hardness, may have mild tenderness, sometimes uneven surface, small mobility. Mainly seen in the proliferation of intestinal tuberculosis, intestinal thickening of the formation of mass. When the ulcerative intestinal tuberculosis and surrounding tissue adhesion, or with mesenteric lymph node tuberculosis, etc., can form a mass and was palpable.
Systemic symptoms and parenteral tuberculosis: ulcerative intestinal tuberculosis often tuberculosis toxemia, such as the afternoon heat, irregular heat, relaxation heat or missed heat, accompanied by night sweats, may have fatigue, weight loss, anemia, malnutrition, edema Symptoms and signs, and may have parenteral tuberculosis, especially tuberculous peritonitis, tuberculosis and other related performance.
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answered by VALERIE
Intestinal tuberculosis patients, the diet should pay more attention to be bed rest, and actively improve nutrition, should eat digestion and absorption, nutrient-rich, vitamin and trace elements more, no pollution, no stimulation of food, do not eat easy to produce gas Of food, such as milk, soy milk, and crude cellulose containing food.
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