How to prevent h7n9?

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asked in Infectious Diseases by VALERIE
Influenza is known as flu, clinically, we will call the flu h7n9 avian flu. Avian flu in the time of the patient will cause symptoms of acute respiratory symptoms, then the beginning will cause the symptoms of fever, and the body temperature will be significantly increased, the patient will appear headache, general weakness. Avian flu is mainly in poultry which appeared in an influenza virus, with a certain infectious. So how do we prevent the emergence of avian flu in our lives?

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answered by ERICA
Whether it is poultry or wild birds, are very high nutritional value, but if it is sick and dead birds this time we'd better not to use, easy to be infected with cold, there will be a lot of bacteria, causing our food poisoning , So people in the consumption of poultry is best not to choose to change color, smell the poultry.
In life we should pay attention to their own personal hygiene, to wash their hands, in the diet which is best to cook the food cooked thoroughly we can use, do not eat some food, but also to avoid the children to contact some dead poultry, if Skin damage, to contact some of the meat should wear gloves.
We should pay attention to the nutrition of life, to maintain our good physique, so that indoor ventilation to wash their hands, once the respiratory disease, such as the emergence of sneezing, or when the cough, with a paper towel or handkerchief to cover , So as not to cause a certain touching.
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answered by BERNICE
In life, we should pay attention to if there is symptoms of cough, and at the same time body temperature will gradually rise, then should go to the hospital for medical treatment.
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