How to relieve the pain of varicose veins?

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asked in Ophthalmology by VICTORIA
My father's age is old,he was suffering from a disease, but also said that the disease is varicose veins, said that because of their own venous blood stasis phenomenon, many times are people suffering from chronic inflammation Or people's blood is not smooth to the designated, suffering from this disease, my father's legs on the emergence of local swelling, so that he is very painful when the forehead will take cold sweat, as a daughter I am very sad. So I would like to ask how to do to reduce the pain of varicose veins?

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answered by TONYA
Want to relieve the pain of varicose veins must be active in the treatment of some of the primary diseases of varicose veins, the disease is often due to the disease caused by the circulatory system, there is a patient with varicose veins do not stand for a long time This will lead to more severe blood stasis.
in the diet should also pay attention to, in fact, diet regulation is to a certain extent, can alleviate people with varicose veins of the disease, usually we can eat some more nutritious vegetables and some high-quality protein eat some coconut products, pear, Olive oil, nuts and other food.
varicose veins in the usual life do not wear too tight clothes because of this will interfere from the outside world to the blood circulation, if people too much weight will increase the burden on people caused by varicose veins more serious, so be sure to lose weight Quit alcohol and tobacco.
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