What Acute pancreatitis diet should pay attention to?

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A lot of reasons are caused by patients with acute pancreatitis such a situation. If the body of the pancreatic enzyme is activated if it will lead to their own digestive tissue edema, bleeding, or tissue necrosis. Patients in the presence of such a disease will be in a short period of time there will be significant abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and even severe bleeding situation. For such a disease, when the symptoms of the time will be timely medical treatment, otherwise it is easy to cause the disease continues to deteriorate.
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answered by ERIN
Leading to the emergence of acute pancreatitis in patients with specific reasons is not very clear, for different people is not the same. First, there may be reasons for intestinal obstruction. At this time because the internal pressure of the bile duct is too high, it is easy because of bile reflux due to the reasons for pancreatitis.
long-term drinking, then it is also very easy to lead patients with acute pancreatitis. Such a disease in the time of the patient in a very long time are to be fasting, so after the diet is to pay attention to nutrition with the mix, do not eat greasy food.
this time because they are already in a relatively low state of the protein, so it is best to eat some protein content is relatively high food, but be careful not to let the pancreas secretion is too strong. So the best diet is light, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
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answered by CONSTANCE
For such a disease can actually do preventive work. First, do not drink too much in peacetime. Also be careful not to overeating, not to eat too much cold or greasy food.
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