Left middle finger joint pain

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asked in Obstetrics & Gynecology by MARIANNE
Left middle finger joint pain, especially in the morning can not bend or straighten. A slight swelling, has lasted a month or so.

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answered by MARGARITA
Hello, now mainly finger joints have swelling and bending disorders, there may be a section of the injury occurred, so you can consider some ways to adjust
To your advice, that is, if the joints can be properly paid attention to a good rest, a slight heat, you can also worry about it, to be a film inspection, to determine what you have a specific role.
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answered by DAWN
This situation is the most common cause of discomfort caused by tenosynovitis, to the hospital orthopedic examination can be diagnosed, the treatment of this disease
You can choose to take medicine, acupuncture, closed treatment and surgical treatment, drugs can eat chlorzoxazone films, prednisone tablets, Fu Lin tablets combined generally can be improved.
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