What are the Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in the treatment of infertility?

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For girls, the uterus disease, especially serious, because the disease of the uterus will affect the marital discord, will also cause the consequences of infertility, so that when female friends encounter this problem must be timely Medical treatment, do not blindly medication, to prevent causing more serious consequences, then hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility has irreplaceable very important effect.What are the Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy in the treatment of infertility?

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answered by CONNIE
Infertility patients, is to be laparoscopic indications through one of the infertility patients suspected of endometriosis or tubal lesions may be suspected. HSG normal, laparoscopy can be found, HSG, failed to find pelvic adhesions or want to quit endometrial abnormalities, as well as some ovarian diseases.
For the abdominal cavity picture, we must first do a abdominal examination, including the upper abdomen, and exclude the possibility of abdominal, visceral lesions and pelvic cavity, the examination of the fallopian tubes, the full length of the fallopian tubes should be carefully examined by paragraph Tubal Meilan through liquid, tubal can be more clearly observed, resulting in tons, tubal distortion and cavity obstruction site.
Check the ovary should pay attention to ovarian morphological evidence of functional activity, including follicles, corpus luteum, ovulation, ovarian endometriosis often occurs in the broad ligament posterior lobe adhesions, often need to be carefully observed before they can be found. For cesarean section, pelvic peritoneum should also check the endometriosis and the site will be linked.
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answered by TRACEY
Pay attention to the diet, do not eat spicy greasy food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, rest on time, do not blindly medication, identify problems, go to the regular hospital for timely examination and treatment. Appropriate exercise can enhance the body's immune system. Do not have too much pressure.
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