How to treat children with epilepsy?

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Symptoms of children with epilepsy is obvious, mainly for the patient's muscle tonic clonage, when the mouth spit foam, and some patients will appear biting tongue, shortness of breath and so on. When the disease strikes, people around you do not try to stop it, which can result in more harm to the patient.
Treatment of children with epilepsy or rely on drug treatment, the most traditional epilepsy drugs are carbamazepine, sodium valproate; now there are many new anti-epileptic drugs on the market, such as lamotrigine, topiramate, Casey equal, these new drugs more safety, side effects are small, small damage to patients.
Children due to their young age, did not advocate the beginning of drug treatment. Dosing or casual drug treatment. An anti-epileptic drug treatment, it is best to start small doses. If patients feel the side effects of drugs, then consult the appropriate doctor, see if it is to reduce the dose or dressing change treatment.

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answered by COLLEEN
Children's epilepsy treatment process is relatively long, many small patients adhere to the last, which requires our parents to help children to enhance self-confidence, encourage children to actively face life, in the face of disease! Believe that through unremitting efforts, the final victory over yourself!
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