How to determine ovarian inflammatory cysts?

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Ovarian cysts are a kind of gynecological diseases that are common in women, but many women usually do not know the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, many people usually find it hard to find themselves suffering from this disease, which is usually the manifestation of abnormal symptoms in the body After a serious impact on the hospital before going to check, only to find myself suffering from ovarian inflammatory cysts of the disease. Herpes cyst causes, usually due to the imbalance of hormone secretion in women, then how to determine ovarian cysts?

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answered by MAXINE
Dysmenorrhea usually occurs in women with ovarian inflammatory cysts. In particular, dysmenorrhoea or dysmenorrhea continues to develop in women who have not previously suffered from dysmenorrhea. This is a manifestation of ovarian inflammatory cysts, or menstrual disorders, and the previous rules of menstruation become There is no rule, which is also a manifestation of ovarian inflammatory cysts.
In particular, women's infertility, inflammatory bowel disease is a cause of female infertility, which is not directly related to the size of the cyst, the reason is also more complex, if the symptoms of infertility women, it is best to cause attention Go to the hospital to conduct a detailed examination to understand the cause of the targeted treatment.
Ovarian cyst more than the performance of abdominal pain, lower abdomen discomfort, increased vaginal discharge, leucorrhea yellow, white with peculiar smell, menstrual disorders, and usually have a solid lower abdomen and painless mass, and sometimes sexual intercourse pain, of course, the total impact Hormones, there will be irregular vaginal bleeding or hair growth and other symptoms.
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answered by BELINDA
Ovarian inflammatory cysts in women will be some harm to women, if the disease is not treated in time, may lead to greater impact, and if the disease is not treated in time, may lead to cancer, there will be malignant ovarian lesions The dangers of cancer.
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