What are the symptoms of uterine cancer late?

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Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor with relatively high mortality rate, which is a problem that people all know. Because of cancer death is Anita Mui. Although she is very Queen style, but also because of their personal charm has impressed a lot of fans heart. But days jealous of excellence. But it is also fragile, unable to escape the entanglement of cervical cancer, although positive to treatment, but behind Anita Mui died of cervical cancer. So what are the symptoms of late signs of uterine cancer?

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answered by TARA
First, signs of advanced cancer of the uterus may vary from person to person, but most patients with cervical cancer will develop pain and pain because the patient's pelvic nerves have been infiltrated by the cancer and will There are symptoms of oppression. When the patient's large blood vessels and pelvic wall metastasis, severe pain occurs.
Second: when the cancer of a patient with cervical cancer infiltrates the tissues around the uterus, the patient's urethra is oppressed, and the patient may have symptoms of pain during the prenatal period, and the patient is more likely to have spastic symptoms, and Late in the patient prone to lower limb swelling, and easy to pain.
Third: the late uterine cancer will have varying degrees of vaginal bleeding symptoms, and cervical cancer patients prone to bleeding symptoms, and bleeding patients will lead to anemia. Before the death of patients in general color is very bad, and patients are more prone to weight loss, eat less food and cachexia.

Signs of premenstrual death in uterine cancer vary from person to person, and some even die in shock and coma, while individual women have no symptoms of vaginal bleeding, but some are symptoms of vaginal jet bleeding.
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