What are the causes of hemorrhoids in pregnant women?

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asked in Obstetrics & Gynecology by CARLA
Pregnant women are a high risk group of hemorrhoids, and more than eighty percent of women have hemorrhoids during pregnancy. This is my cousin, she is five months pregnant, is to eat drink, defecation is very smooth, but recently, her stool becomes bad, each stool is particularly difficult, squatting for a long time did not line, stand up every time will be dizziness. Go to the hospital to see, the doctor said she had hemorrhoids. Excuse me: why is it easy for women to suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

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answered by LAURIE
First of all, hemorrhoids is an intestinal disease, not a sore, because bending venous dilatation under the rectal mucosa and the anus under the skin, or due to excessive stimulation and oppression caused by blood circulation is not smooth, resulting in a vein group, the formation of long haemorrhoid.
Secondly, if pregnant woman in vivo, in order to supply fetal nutrition, pelvic blood flow must be increased, and with the growth of the fetus, pregnant women can oppress pelvic cavity, so the blood circulation of hemorrhoidal vessels will be blocked, causing difficulty in defecation.
In addition, a pregnant woman, progesterone will certainly increase, the impact of pregnancy hormones, gastrointestinal peristalsis will be reduced, resulting in gastric emptying and intestinal transit time is longer than usual, resulting in reduced motility of the intestinal tract, feces will accumulate in the colon, slowly lose moisture, will cause constipation, constipation for a long time, it will form hemorrhoids.
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answered by LILLIE
Hemorrhoids, pregnant women should relax, do not worry, to actively participate in physical exercise, increase peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract. On the diet, eat more leafy vegetables and fruits containing cellulose, drink plenty of boiled water.
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