How to diagnose adenomyosis?

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My menstrual cycle has been changing since the beginning of last year, I began to change the constant question, and this period of time I also found myself every time to menstruation will be extended for a long time, and now I also I feel quite a lot of menstrual flow, the beginning I use the sanitary napkin two days a day is enough, but then I found myself at least every day to use four, I lamented why my menstrual suddenly so More, but my friend said I may suffer from adenomyosis, then I want to know how to diagnose adenomyosis?

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Adenomyosis is the endometrial myometrial benign infiltration and in which a diffuse process of growth of a disease, and in the face of this disease to do when treatment must not be over-pressured phenomenon, timely treatment after You can get a cure, and will not relapse.
And you want to confirm their own is not the case of adenomyosis, then there are many ways to check out, first of all, in a timely manner to be a hysterosalpingography, the disease can also choose to do by B-ultrasound to determine out, check yes To cooperate with the doctor treatment.
For this kind of adenomyosis disease, when the patient is treated after this disease can not be blind treatment, the need to choose according to their symptoms to treatment, if the disease is serious, then when doing the treatment also need timely Surgical treatment.
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answered by HEIDI
Adenomyosis is belong to the endometrium into the myometrium of benign infiltration and in which a disease diffuse growth process, in the face of the disease when treatment must not have the phenomenon of excessive pressure, timely treatment can be cured after the good effect, and no recurrence.
He is not to diagnose adenomyosis, so there are many ways to check out the first to do a hysterosalpingography, this disease can also be selected by B ultrasound examination to determine the examination would have to be with medical treatment.
And in view of the adenomyosis disease, after the disease patients do not blind treatment is necessary, to choose treatment according to their symptoms, if the disease, then in the time of treatment also need timely surgical treatment to.
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