What are the causes of breast nodules?

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asked in Obstetrics & Gynecology by ROBIN
Recently more than six months, do not know how else, I always feel the feeling of bursts of breast pain, especially in those few days to menstruation, the feeling of pain is particularly obvious, often to the end of menstruation, Pain will disappear, to the hospital after examination, even found that suffering from breast nodules disease.What are the causes of breast nodules?

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answered by LUZ
One reason: the disease is a breast hyperplasia disease, usually occurs in women of childbearing age crowd, usually, most patients are in the menstrual cycle when there will be signs of pain, but the breast does not appear mass , Often after menstruation, pain can disappear by itself.
Cause two: usually the patient suffering from the disease, the main cause of the disease is the patient's long-term endocrine disorders, which will lead to suffering from breast tissue in the body duct and milk leaflets in the structural degenerative disease and progressive connective tissue Growth, which induced the occurrence of the disease.
Third reason: In addition, if long-term menstrual disorders, and easily angry women, often liver can not be effectively evacuated, so the current modern medicine that: marriage and childbirth, diet, people's external environment and genetic factors also led to The main cause of breast disease in patients.
It is recommended that patients in their daily lives must be as happy as possible to avoid irritation. In addition, patients should also develop good sleep habits, thus helping to balance the endocrine in the patient's body.
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