What are the side effects of the use of hormones?

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The application of hormone in clinic is relatively broad, but if everyone in life often indiscriminate use of hormone, it would be easy to make the body function is impaired, and affect human health, what are the side effects that use of hormone? We described several side effects of hormone abuse here, I hope you can try to avoid the abuse of hormone after see below introduction.
1, if you abuse corticosteroids for a long time in life, it will easily lead to dysfunction of water, salt, sugar and fat metabolism, which can lead to obesity, hairy and edema symptoms. When severe, it may induce hypertension and diabetes. However, the occurrence of these conditions is generally not required for special treatment, as long as it can be recovered gradually after the drug is stopped.
2, induce or aggravate the infection
The hormone has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect is certain, but if we often abuse hormone in life, it will reduce the body's resistance to infection, and make the body resistance decreased, so as to provide a favorable environment for bacterial growth and reproduction, so long will lead to increased inflammation or infection, is not conducive to the treatment of disease.
3, induce or aggravate peptic ulcer
If the hormone is abused in life, it will prevent the repair of the tissue and delay the normal healing of the tissue. It will also make the abuse of hormone secretion of human gastric acid and pepsin increased, and the secretion of gastric mucosa is reduced, which greatly reduces the gastric mucosal resistance, serious will induce or aggravate the gastric ulcer bleeding symptoms, eventually will gradually become the perforation of digestive tract.
In this article, we have given a detailed introduction to the three side effects of the use of hormones, and it is necessary for you to understand. In addition to the above three side effects, if you abuse hormones in your life for a long time, it will also easily cause dysfunction of hormone levels in the human body, which will eventually lead to adverse consequences such as bleeding, infection and ulcers. So I hope you can use hormones in life, if you need hormone treatment, I hope you can follow the doctor's advice and make reasonable use under the guidance of doctors, so as to avoid any side effects.
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