How long the maximum time for a sedentary will hurt my heart ?

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Who can tell me how long the maximum time for a sedentary will  hurt my heart ?

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Recently, researchers from several affiliated institutions in China have been working on the longest time that people can afford to sit. They want to know how long it takes to sit down and start to have negative effects on the heart function of the human body. The study was published in the "JAMA" Journal of cardiovascular, in the article, the researchers carefully explained, they range in this study, the analysis of the patients' data and data involved, this study also explains for sedentary people's health means what!
The advantage of modern life is to free people from some human labor, but most people start sitting at their desks for a long time. This lack of physical activity is harmful to our health. Obesity, heart disease and other diseases are all related to people's lack of exercise and excessive drinking. But how long can it cause people's heart damage every day? So far, there is not a very clear argument in medicine. In order to find the answer, researchers turn to explain the two big databases of EMBASE and MEDLINE. There were 700 thousand patients with 25769 typical cases.
They found that in the process of analyzing data, and daily sitting time more than 12 hours, the risks to the heart began to appear, there are 14% people sitting on the desk every day on average more than 12 hours, they compared to those who sat for 2.5 hours every day people more heart problems, here to sit range including, lying or sitting motionless, which is the most common office staff, they are working 7 hours, then at noon have an hour for lunch time is actually sitting, and then drive home an hour dinner after the home is to sit and watch TV or surf the Internet, play video in this game, a series of activities to put them in the risk of heart disease in a class.
But do not know in this sitting before, if there is people doing morning exercises will affect the results, such as jogging this morning, will not reduce the risk of heart problems occur, the researchers said, as long as there is intermittent activity, reducing sedentary time will reduce the risk of heart disease.
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