What shouldWhat should male infertility check? Is it related to varicocele?

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What should male infertility check? Is it related to varicocele?

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What should male infertility check? Have you heard of varicocele? Do you know what a disease is? In fact, this varicocele is a common male disease that seriously affects male infertility. Varicocele affects the number of sperm. How should we check it when men are sterile? Let's take a look at the next one.
1, to determine what kind of medical history. It is important to collect the medical history correctly. (1) occupation and work; (2) past medical history; (3) marital and sexual life; (4) past examination and treatment; family history.
2. Physical examination. Including general and reproductive organs.
3. Laboratory examination. In addition to the examination of semen as a necessary item, the rest should be chosen according to the specific conditions of the patient: (1) semen analysis. This helps to understand male fertility and is a necessary item for infertility. The experiment of xenoinsemination in vitro can estimate sperm insemination more accurately, which is of great value to judge the fertility of men.
4. Endocrine examination. By gonadotropin releasing hormone or clomiphene stimulation test can understand the hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis function, testosterone levels can directly reflect the function of Leydig cells.
5. Doppler ultrasound examination. It helps to confirm the varicocele.
6, X - ray examination. In order to determine the site of obstruction of the seminiferous tubules, the vas deferens, epididymis, vas deferens angiography, vesiculography or urethrograms etc..
7. Immunological examination. Sperm agglutination or brake antibodies in serum or seminal plasma are detected by sperm agglutination test or brake test.
8, testicular biopsy. For azoospermia or oligozoospermia, the spermatogenic function of the seminiferous tubules and the development of interstitial cells are examined directly.
9. Karyotype analysis. It is used for the deformity of the external genital organs, the dysplasia of the testis and the unexplained azoospermia.
If the male is suffering from infertility, we should check the above items, develop good habits on weekdays, and prevent varicocele.
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