How do male premature ejaculation do? What are the dangers of premature ejaculation?

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How do male premature ejaculation do? What are the dangers of premature ejaculation?

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Premature ejaculation is a disease of male genital disorders. Premature ejaculation can cause men to ejaculate too quickly in sexual life, seriously affecting the relationship between husband and wife. Premature ejaculation affects men's sexual life, and it is hard to fight down to men's self-esteem. Many men are too shy to speak and dare to go to hospital for treatment, so premature ejaculation will be more dangerous.
Effect of male premature ejaculation is relatively large, not only affects the male self-confidence, but also lead to not affect the work, affect the feelings of the couple, at the same time is the breakdown of the family problems, and premature ejaculation is not timely treatment and control will tend to cause impotence and other aspects of sexual dysfunction disease. Because of the danger of premature ejaculation, the male friends should pay enough attention to premature ejaculation, do a good job of prevention and timely treatment.
The harm of premature ejaculation 1, causing male inSemen
Do not lead to male ejaculation, affect the normal growth; the occurrence of premature ejaculation will give patients a lot of discomfort, not ejaculation, there are some other symptoms, such as mouth and throat pain, yellow urine, drench turbidity, vulvae, red tongue, yellow moss, pulse a few strings, and with a long-term lack of energy, fatigue tired, restless sleep, fine thin cold, palpitation, affect the job and life.
The harm of premature ejaculation 2, affect husband and wife's feelings
Effect of the relationship between husband and wife; in the life, but also because in premature ejaculation, and let the wife often does not feel sexual pleasure, not satisfied, go down for a long time, the couple did not reach the satisfaction that discharge essence and flaccid, directly endanger the harmony of sexual life of husband and wife, and influence their feelings and family harmony.
Premature ejaculation is usually male healthy reaction, which is the main reason for pelvic fracture, prostate enlargement, arteriosclerosis and diabetes caused by sympathetic nerve injury disease, penile frenulum is too short, impede the full erection; the verumontanum have inflammation in chronic congestive edema of premature ejaculation reproductive organ disease manifestations. In turn, the symptoms of premature ejaculation do not exclude the reminding of the above disease.
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