What is the reason for the long pimples around the nose?

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What is the reason for the long pimples around the nose?

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The first nose Zhangdou not touch, not crowded, on both sides of the nose is often acne prone area, on both sides of the nose acne, but said the strong oil secretion, often also means a bad appetite recently, may be stomach fire large, digestive system abnormalities. In addition, frequent constipation and bloating also easy on both sides of the nose acne. Friendship hints, internal and external use to cure acne.
Secondly, if long in the nose, on behalf of the spine may be a problem; if it is long in the nose, stomach fire may be large, digestive system abnormalities; if the nose on both sides, can with ovarian function or the reproductive system.
Finally, can not eat cold food and water to be warm, so as not to stimulate the secretion of gastric juice caused by excessive gastric acid, gastric acid also make stomach fire intensified. Generally, the secretion of sebum is more. It may also be related to ovarian function or reproductive system.
Matters needing attention
The above is the answer to the reason of the long acne around the nose, pay attention to cleaning pores, it is necessary to remove pore dirt in time. In addition, do not over indulgence or abstinence, can enjoy a healthy natural environment.
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