How to reduce the fat on both sides of the stomach?

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How to reduce the fat on both sides of the stomach?

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The waist has always been a part of the girls more attention, who do not want their Qianqian waist? How do you reduce the weight on both sides of the waist? How to reduce the fat on both sides of the stomach? Even in the winter, the meat of the waist should be noticed.
One, how to reduce the fat on both sides of the stomach?
1, flat on the ground, open both feet and shoulders as wide as possible, open your hands and make the body in big shape, then bend down and touch the ankle of your left foot with your right hand. When you reach it, stand straight and change your left hand to touch the ankle of your right foot. Do it several times.
2, wagging hula hoop, this method is simple but the effect is very good. But pay attention to the time. The wagging hula hoop is aerobic exercise. It usually takes more than half an hour to start to consume fat. It's best to shake for more than half an hour.
Two. Eating like this can also reduce the burden on both sides of the stomach
1. Eat at least 3 fruits and 3 two vegetables a day
Reducing the abdomen can not be separated from the body weight loss, so it is necessary to control the total calorie intake. Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only easy to have a feeling of satiety, but also helps you reduce the strong desire for dessert. In addition, eat more foods rich in fiber can be effective in the treatment of constipation, and constipation is one of your belly bulge.
2, nine cups of water a day, drink less carbonated drinks
Before breakfast the morning cup of white water, fresh water or honey added to cellulose water, can accelerate the peristalsis of the stomach, the night before the body of waste metabolites excreted, reducing the chance of a small pot.
3. Stay away from wine
Whether it is beer, cocktail, liquor, or other forms of alcoholic beverages, it may be the cause of your stomach fat guy. Although the wine is not fat, but the calorie content is very high, only a cup of alcohol or so 200ml drink, the heat can reach 100 thousand calories. Alcohol also improves the level of cortisol in your body, a powerful hormone that is an accessory to fat storage in a small abdomen.
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