How should we treat hyperthyroidism?

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Recently, I do not know why, my appetite is really getting better and better, eat much, just do not know how, in recent days began to feel pain in the neck and neck, more and more swollen, eyes become more and more big, the eye looks very scary, really worried about his health there will be some problems, then to the hospital to do some physical examination, the doctor is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, because for this disease I do not particularly understand, really worried, you want to know if it is the case of hyperthyroidism, in the end how should treat?

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answered by ALBERTA
In the treatment of hyperthyroidism, many patients with drug treatment drug, treatment of hyperthyroidism need long time to adhere to medication, this will not lead to a series of side effects can be avoided, each organ damage our body, and the influence on liver and kidney function is the most significant, we should give up to drug treatment. Inside a regular hospital to choose scientific and reasonable methods of treatment.
Can carry out surgery, this is also a lot of people feel a kind of effective method relatively fast, partial resection or all resection of thyroid surgery is the most common treatment of hyperthyroidism, generally disappeared in the postoperative five days the symptoms will, but surgery brings great danger, serious may make their immune ability to drop.
Can also use Chinese herbal medicine decoction in the treatment of hyperthyroidism, which is relatively safe, mainly because of the Chinese herbal medicine treatment side effect is relatively small, the length of time the treatment is not the same, the doctor's requirements is relatively high, take a long time, may have a certain impact on the stomach, it is slower than that in general a few months to half a year the time.
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answered by JODY
Patients with hyperthyroidism must be treated in time in the hospital, and they can help themselves to cure diseases when they are helped by doctors, and health is also the most important thing for our life.
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