Need to take a bath every day in winter?

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Need to take a bath every day in winter?

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It's normal for women to be clean, so many women will wash their bodies every day, but the weather is getting colder. Some women are lazy, because they are lazy because they are cold. In any case, a woman has to wash and bathe every day. Because, a woman's body, there are five parts, really dirty.
A, teeth
Oral cavity is a necessary place for food. But you know, in our oral cavity, there are more than one hundred million microbes per square centimeter. There are good microbes and quite a few bad microbes. This is the main cause of breath.
They are parasitic on the teeth and on the tongue, producing unpleasant sulfur compounds while they decompose food residue and saliva. Maintain oral hygiene, sooner or later, brush teeth, floss before brushing remember to clean teeth, brush my teeth and then clean the tongue, residual bacteria on the tongue also destroy the tone.
How to brush your teeth
The normal metabolism of the human teeth can be performed at the temperature of 35 to 36.5. Warm water around 35 degrees centigrade is a benign oral protective agent. Gargling with such water will create a refreshing and comfortable mouthfeel. If you often give teeth to extreme cold and heat stimulation, can cause gingival bleeding, nerve spasm or other dental pulp.
Two, axillary
In crowded buses or subways, you may have more than once had an unbearable smell! It emanates from the armpit and pollutes the air unscrupulously. The microbes hidden in the armpit are 1 billion - 10 billion per square centimeter.
Sweat itself does not smell bad, it is armpit "regulars". The rod like flora is nourished by the fatty acids secreted by the skin, so as to breed a large number of bacteria and produce an unpleasant odor. Axillary sweating is not a disease, as long as the bath, frequent dressing can be eliminated, underwear is the best choice of cotton clothing.
Three. Intestines
Drinking yogurt every day protects the intestinal tract from more than 400 bacteria in the intestines. Escherichia coli in the intestinal tract is a good tenant in the human Inn, which helps us to digest and is a part of our defense system. But the Escherichia coli outside the intestines can cause disease, and if it "slips into" food, it can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
To protect the intestines, it is recommended to drink 1 to 2 bottles of yogurt a day, of which probiotics can inhibit the bad bacteria flora in the intestinal tract and help the flora get the right to control the intestinal tract. In addition, adhere to moderate exercise, often do push up, knead abdomen and so on, can prevent the intestinal aging.
Four. Vulva
Vulva is the first portal to prevent genital tract infection, if vulvar infection, can directly invade the vagina, further is the uterine cavity, fallopian tube and so on. Therefore, the experts suggest that we should stick to the cleaning of the vulva every day.
How to clean
Every day when the first special cleaning clean wash basin, put cold water half bowl, will wipe towel Yin together people of the pot, boil for 5-10 minutes, until the water to wash the vulva, not hot, this is equal to the sterilized water and a towel to clean the vulva, can avoid infection, to protect the vaginal self-cleaning function.
Five. Breast
Use of soap often clean articles, through the mechanical and chemical effects of the skin surface of the keratinized layer cells, to promote cell proliferation. If we constantly remove these keratinized cells, they will damage the protective layer on the skin surface and make the epidermis swelling. This swelling is caused by excessive drying, bonding and cell loss.
If we use soap and other cleaning products every night, it is easy to alkalization the local skin of the breast, and the local skin of breast should re cover the upper protection layer and restore its acidification environment. It will take a certain time. While soap is constantly making the surface of the skin alkaline, it also promotes the proliferation of alkaline bacteria on the skin, making it difficult for the local acidification of the breast.
In addition, the use of soap cleaning, also washed out the protection of the breast part of the skin lubrication of the substance - oil. Therefore, in order to fully maintain the local health of the breast, it is better to choose warm water cleaning.
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