What are the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis?

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Chronic pharyngitis symptoms points
Pharyngeal discomfort, foreign body sensation, feel the pharyngeal swallow not and do not spit out things, stimulating cough, dry and swollen, blocking, itching, but few sore throat. It is easy to cause nausea in early morning spitting of sticky phlegm. Since the cancer of the esophagus or hypopharynx may have similar symptoms in the early stage, it is found that the above symptoms should be examined in detail at the hospital and can be confirmed.
Check to see if the pharyngeal mucosa diffuse hyperemia, dark red, and with a small amount of sticky secretions, for chronic pharyngitis. The symptoms of mucosal thickening, chronic hypertrophic pharyngitis or diffuse hyperemia, palatal and velar edge thickening, pharyngeal lymphoid follicles are most granular processes.
Common symptoms of chronic pharyngitis
Pharyngeal discomfort, throat dry, common swollen, blocking, itching, swallowing discomfort, foreign body sensation. Because of the pharyngeal secretions were often so thick "honk Cameroon", hoping to clear the throat.
Common signs of chronic pharyngitis
Patients with chronic pharyngitis pharynx sensitive, easy to cause nausea, pharyngeal mucosa hyperemia, dark red, small particles in the posterior pharyngeal wall protruding or scattered patches such as beads, dilated vascular network around the surface, sometimes with mucus or purulent secretion.
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