How do men suffer from cystitis?

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Cystitis is a common disease of urinary system, many men do not understand the probability of cystitis, more and more high prevalence rate of male cystitis in recent years, if not treated, will give the male body bring endless harm, seriously affected the normal life of the patient, harm many men on cystitis does not understand, most men suffering from cystitis after, because of the dangers of cystitis is not clear, so there is no timely treatment, eventually bring is as can be imagined.

After suffering from cystitis, the male can cause congestion of the bladder mucosa, ulcers, bleeding and so on. Chronic cystitis can cause atrophy, accompanied by fibrous tissue hyperplasia, and the volume of bladder decreases, resulting in bladder deterioration. Male patients with cystitis can cause difficulty in urination.
Men suffering from cystitis will appear, urination discomfort, urgent micturition hematuria are the main symptoms of cystitis, dysuria, so bring patients a lot of pain. Cystitis in men can also cause other diseases. Inflammation is not only confined to the bladder, but also may infect other organs, such as prostatitis and seminal vesicle inflammation, which pose a greater danger to the male's body.
Male cystitis can affect male sexual function. Cystitis is an important organ of male urinary system. If cystitis is infected, it will cause great influence on male sexual function, and lead to premature ejaculation. Impotence will seriously affect normal sexual life.
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Men once suffering from cystitis, should immediately take the initiative to go to the hospital for regular treatment, don't mess with drugs, but not critically ill patients to take medicine in disorder, diagnosis, symptomatic treatment, regular check, can control the virus, and ultimately achieve good results.
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