What behavior endangers the ear?

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1, macrocephalum. As the saying goes: "ears do not dig deaf", there is a certain truth. Because it may cause injury to the wall of the ear, it can seriously hurt the middle ear and the inner ear, causing deafness.
2, the foreign body was inserted into the ear canal. Parents should educate children not such as beans, beads and stones into the ear canal. When mosquitoes like insect fly or climb into the ears, not directly out of the apparatus for the application of wine or oil drops in the ear will shoot or kill bugs quickly flooded and then removed.
3, pinch the double nose and blow hard. It is possible to blow the nose into the middle ear if it is incorrect to blow his nose. The right way is to hold a finger on one side of the nostril with a fractional luck, the pressure should not be too large, one side blow, and then blow the other side.
4. Abuse of drugs. Should pay attention to whether the ototoxicity before medication.
5, occurrence of traumatic tympanic membrane perforation after rinse or ear drops. The correct method is that the outer ear canal is blocked by the disinfectant cotton ball in order to prevent the invasion of the foreign bacteria.
6. The improper dive posture leads to the change of air pressure, which causes the perforation of the tympanic membrane.
7, infant milk, the head is too low, or feeding in the crying. The secretion and milk are easily infected by the eustachian tube entering the middle ear.
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