What is the reason for the high white blood cell?

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White blood cells, now known as white blood cells, are a kind of cell in the blood. When you check the blood, you can see the white blood cells. The high white blood cell indicates that there is something wrong with the body.
The high level of white blood cells may be caused by some bacterial infections, such as abscess, suppurative meningitis, pneumonia, otitis media, empyema and septicemia.
The high white blood cell may be a kind of virus, which is caused by infection, such as encephalitis B, infectious mononucleosis, measles and so on. The high white blood cell may be a serious tissue injury or necrosis, such as post operation, burn, acute hemorrhage, vascular embolism, etc.
It may be that the allergic reaction leads to the high white blood cell, such as blood transfusion reaction, drug allergy, acute allergic disease and so on. Toxic reactions may lead to high white blood cells, such as all kinds of drug poisoning, heavy metal poisoning, acidosis of diabetes and so on.
White blood cells are generally high in inflammation, at this time we should use some antiphlogistic ointments and antiphlogistic oral medicine, and then maintain a good state of mind.
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