What is the consequence of thrombocytopenia?

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As we all know, blood diseases affect health, and when it is serious, it will endanger life. What are the dangers of thrombocytopenia? Today, we will give you a brief introduction to this hazard, so that patients can be treated in time and relieve their pain.
Can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and CNS hemorrhage can be life-threatening thrombocytopenia. If long-term healing, will cause intestinal bleeding caused hematemesis, hematochezia, hematuria, and even cardiac mucosal bleeding.
Causing visceral hemorrhage. When the platelets are too low, they cause bleeding from the viscera, such as massive hemorrhage of the digestive tract, intracranial hemorrhage, and so on, threatening life.
Massive hemorrhage after the operation. Because the function of hemostasis and coagulation is not normal, the bleeding is often found after the operation. The amount of menstruation is too much. Thrombocytopenia brings young female menstruation too much, and people with severe hematemesis, hematochezia.
Thrombocytopenia can lead to bleeding, the common one is subcutaneous hemorrhage, which is the most common thrombocytopenic purpura in the Department of Hematology. The normal number of platelets in the body is 100 thousand ~30 million, less than 100 thousand, which is not obstructed to some people. Less than 50 thousand is the risk of life. If you have a large amount of exercise, it can cause brain bleeding, even visceral bleeding, thus endangering life.
Myocardial hemorrhage can lead to arrhythmia or sudden cardiac arrest. Cerebral hemorrhage can also lead to thrombocytopenia, coma or death, and premature aging of skin, melanin accumulation, low function of all organs and premature aging.
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1, the harm of thrombocytopenia can cause mucosal bleeding, such as nasal mucosa bleeding, oral mucosal bleeding, gastrointestinal mucosal bleeding, genitourinary tract bleeding, vaginal bleeding and so on.
2, thrombocytopenia in patients with massive bleeding after surgery, which is one of the manifestations of the risk of thrombocytopenia.
3, thrombocytopenia, multiple petechiae, purpura occurs most often in the leg.
4. The occurrence of thrombocytopenia causes massive hemorrhage in the gastrointestinal tract and endanger the life of the central nervous system. This is also due to the risk of thrombocytopenia.
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