How long can I live if I have high blood pressure?

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asked in Internal Medicine by TONI
How long can I live if I have high blood pressure?

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answered by MYRA
First, from a practical perspective, hypertension can shorten life expectancy, but the physical condition of each patient is different, so everyone's condition is different. Because of the lingering course of hypertension, and the slow progress, there are a variety of drugs to control blood pressure, if used to be reasonable, hypertensive patients will also enjoy a long life, dying is not the cause of high blood pressure.
Second: hypertension is a chronic disease. So most of the patients will not appear signs of death at any time. If patients usually have good blood pressure control, they will survive for a long time. Can patients with hypertension and longevity, mainly refers to the people, high long-term stable at around 160 and abundant energy, good attitude, not with anyone. Hobbies, actively participate in various activities beneficial, loving, religious, considerate, usually pay attention to self-cultivation, open-minded, reasonable diet. Pay attention to nutrition in patients with hypertension.
Third: there is no specific drug can be cured of hypertension, mainly the use of drugs to control hypertension, if able to control blood pressure to a normal range so it will not lead to complications, death will not appear symptoms, so blood pressure control is very important.
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answered by ANGELICA
Because of the modern people's diet, the pressure of life and work is increasing, so, the hypertension is becoming more and more common.
Although hypertension can sometimes cause serious complications, if the control of blood pressure is appropriate, the effect on life is not significant.
Hypertension patients, in fact, must take the medicine to control the blood pressure. As far as the current scientific and technological level is, the cause of hypertension is not fully understood. Moreover, hypertension patients have different sensitivity to drugs, and they must be treated with their own drugs. Not the more expensive the better.
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answered by MARCELLA
If the person's mind is good, and there is a moderate amount of exercise, in diet, do not eat animal cholesterol, simple and light, fixed time quantitative.
Pay attention to rest, go to bed early and get up early. Perseverance and peace of mind. The blood pressure can be slowly restored to normal.
So, how long can you live, depending on the way the patient chooses to live.
Wish you health.
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answered by ELENA
1, hypertension is controlled by drugs well without complications. It can live as old as the normal people. For many years, I can't answer you.
2, long term hypertension can cause serious consequences for kidneys. Therefore, blood pressure must be controlled. As long as the prescribed dose is used, there will be no serious consequences for kidney side effects. So you don't have to worry about it.
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