What's the case of oral ulcers?

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What's the case of oral ulcers?

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The first is: endocrine disorders can cause oral ulcers, because the endocrine system can regulate the human body disorders will result in The new supersedes the old., the incidence of various diseases, oral ulcer is a disease which, whether everyone will appear the phenomenon of endocrine disorders.
Second: the lack of nutrition elements and bad eating habits can cause oral ulcers, this is the most common factors causing ulcers, especially if the lack of vitamin B vitamin, can cause oral ulcers, the usual diet tastes emphasis on people would love to eat spicy spicy food for a long time. The incidence of oral ulcer caused by fire.
Third: oral hygiene and oral ulcer will cause harm, if you usually do not pay attention to personal oral hygiene, food residue will cause the bacteria in the mouth, a long time will cause the emergence of oral ulcer, if you are not careful to eat hard, hot food and bites will hurt the mouth that caused by wound infection, causing ulcer.
In modern society, more and more people with oral ulcer, must know what kind of factors caused by recurrent oral ulcers, because if it is caused by a lack of vitamin, must be timely supplement, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, to help reduce the occurrence of ulcers, if it is caused by other factors caused by the treatment must be timely.
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