What is the endocrine disorder?

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What is the endocrine disorder?

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In the first place, environmental problems can also cause endocrine disorders. There are many chemical components in the air. If a person's living environment or working environment is in a poisonous gas environment. Whether it is air pollution or water pollution, it can cause endocrine disorders in the body.
One more is the emotional problem. If a person's work pressure is too large, and then often lose their temper, resulting in insomnia, dreams and sleep disorders, these can cause endocrine disorders of the body. Therefore, no matter in work or in life, no matter for colleagues or friends or family members, we need to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and maintain a healthy mindset.
There are also problems with people's diet, as everyone knows, everyone knows, if a child, malnutrition will certainly affect the growth of the child. Similarly, for adults, if malnutrition is poor, it will also cause some physical problems that lead to endocrine disorders.
Matters needing attention
In fact, the endocrine symptoms, far more than these. For example, the general male in puberty, the president's acne, this is a very typical symptom of endocrine disorders. So when a part of the body, there is an abnormal situation, we must pay attention to, when necessary to go to the hospital to check.
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The human body has an endocrine system that secretes the various hormones and nervous systems to regulate the metabolic and physiological functions of the human body. Under normal circumstances, these hormones are balanced. If some hormones are deficient or more due to some reasons, they will cause endocrine disorders and cause corresponding symptoms. So what are the reasons women have caused endocrine disorders?
Causes of female endocrine disorders
The summer weather is extremely hot, so it is easy to lose the blood of female friends, resulting in endocrine disorders, viscera function disorder, qi stagnation and blood stasis. Experts remind that the summer weather is hot, easy to drain the body's moisture and nutrition, it is easy to lead to endocrine disorders.
Indoor and outdoor temperature difference: when the surrounding temperature is high, the blood circulation in the body accelerates, the body surface temperature increases, and the body will reduce the temperature by perspiration. But this spontaneous regulation can not be changed rapidly, so the peripheral blood vessels can not shrink quickly when the outdoor high temperature reaches the indoor air-conditioned room, resulting in poor peripheral blood circulation. So the indoor temperature is low for a long time to wait for the symptoms of dysmenorrhea and abdominal pain.
Stress: according to the survey, the disease caused by endocrine disorders is slowly aging, and teenage children are already a threat to endocrine disorders. Nowadays, children's learning pressure is great. Facing the pressure of their parents' expectations, it is easy to cause melancholy, irritability, anger, excessive consideration and other internal factors to disturb the operation of Qi and blood, leading to endocrine disorders.
Living habits: sunrise and sunset are traditional habits, but now the nightlife, stay up into the habit will reverse the body's biological habits, leading to endocrine disorders, women appear more confused in mind, insomnia, irregular menstruation and other conditions.
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