What is the symptom of liver cirrhosis

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What is the symptom of liver cirrhosis
1. What are the symptoms of liver cirrhosis
1.1. What are the early symptoms of liver cirrhosis? Systemic symptoms: fatigue, fatigue, and loss of strength. A few patients can have facial pigmentation.
1.2, chronic indigestion symptoms: eating loss, constipation, diarrhea or abdominal distension or with liver pain, fatigue after the obvious.
1.3, the early symptoms of liver cirrhosis are face wasting and swarthy. Patients with chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis above 1/3 have dark skin and dark skin around their face and orbit. This is due to the decrease of liver function and the increase of melanin production. What is the symptom of liver cirrhosis
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The early patients with liver cirrhosis are prone to fatigue and fatigue, mainly due to the involvement of other organs in early liver cirrhosis.
The liver is the digestive organs, may have gastrointestinal symptoms, including nausea, tired of the oil, abdominal flatulence, abdominal discomfort, loss of appetite and other symptoms, this is from early cirrhosis liver can not play its normal regulation function, and the effect of gastric transport function induced by Na and spleen.
There are more than half of patients with early liver cirrhosis can appear icteric symptoms, such as skin, mucous membrane and sclera yellow urine and so on, but the general level of slight (such as jaundice suddenly rises, often prompts the liver cell damage is serious, need pay attention), which is mainly composed of liver cirrhosis patients with bile discharge is not smooth, resulting in increased blood bilirubin by.
Will appear in the early stage of cirrhosis and liver discomfort or distress, liver liver with different degrees of pain. Some patients with early cirrhosis suffer from bleeding tendency such as recurrent epistaxis and gingival bleeding, which are caused by the function of various coagulation factors and thrombin in liver cirrhosis, and thrombocytopenia due to hypersplenism.
Reminder: no matter what symptoms, once diagnosed as early cirrhosis, it is necessary to treat early, and not wait until the condition is serious, and the difficulty of treatment is also increased.
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1. compensatory period (generally Child-Pugh a)
May have the hepatitis clinical manifestation, can also concealment the onset. It can have mild fatigue, abdominal distention, mild liver and spleen, mild jaundice, liver palmar and spider nevus.
2. decompensation period (generally Child-Pugh B, C)
Have liver damage and portal hypertension syndrome.
(1) lack of systemic symptoms, emaciation, dark complexion, less urine and edema of the lower limbs.
(2) the digestive tract symptoms of anorexia, abdominal distension, gastrointestinal dysfunction and malabsorption syndrome, hepatogenic diabetes, can appear polyuria, polyphagia symptoms.
(3) the tendency of hemorrhage and anemia, bleeding gums, epistaxis, purpura, anemia.
(4) endocrine disorder of spider nevus, liver palmar, skin pigmentation, female menstrual disorders, male breast development, parotid enlargement.
(5) lower proteinemia with edema of the lower limbs, less urine, peritoneal effusion and hepatic pleural effusion.
(6) portal hypertension and splenomegaly, hypersplenism and portal collateral circulation, esophageal varices, abdominal varices.
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