What is the early symptoms of condyloma acuminata?

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Condyloma acuminatum of this disease, for sexual life now, or easily infected, it is one of my colleagues, for some reason, unfortunately put on condyloma acuminatum, I went to the hospital with him, and also accompanied by a series of tests done, so it is what's this I still know the early symptoms of condyloma acuminatum, share.
What's the early symptoms of condyloma acuminate 1
The symptoms of condyloma acuminata were initially reddish small papules, which would increase with time. Finally, they would be papillary and white vinegar tested. If they were coated with white vinegar on the pimples, it would be condyloma acuminatum if they became white or protrusion after 2-5 minutes.
The primary damage is small and soft pale red papules, looks like a needle cap and rice are almost as large, gradually increased, and the number gradually increased, becoming papillomatous, cauliflower, cockscomb or mushroom like vegetation, rough surface, soft texture.
The beginning is reddish or corrupt red miliary size of neoplasm, shape like papule shape, tit shape, cauliflower shape, cockscomb, top quality is delicate, slightly sharp, painless itching, grow up or increase. The basal body is slightly wider or belt, with particles on the surface, wetting or bleeding on the surface, and pus often concentrated between particles. The smell is not very pleasant, and a malodorous taste. After scratching, it can purulent.
Matters needing attention
With warts people in life, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash wash underwear, to active treatment, do not have sexual life, contagious. If it is unfortunate to have the symptoms mentioned above in the genitals, it is a real vigilance.
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