Why high blood pressure wil let me feel cold?

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Why high blood pressure wil  let me feel cold?

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First: There are a variety of reasons for the incidence of chills in your life, which to a certain degree has caused great distress to the treatment of hypertension. Some reasons, such as genetic factors, are mostly family history in hypertensive patients. Hypertension has obvious genetic characteristics, in general, with a history of the incidence of hypertension, then the risk of suffering from high blood pressure, will be a corresponding increase.

Second: excessive salt, improper diet in daily life, but also a common factor induced hypertension. In particular, excessive intake of sodium, which is too salty to eat, is one of the culprits leading to hypertension. More salt intake, high incidence of high blood pressure, salt that <2g> 20g / day incidence of 30%.

Third: Long-term alcohol consumption, proper drinking, is good for physical and mental health, but long-term drinking, and even alcoholism, will bring great harm to the patient's physical and mental health, in particular, will lead to elevated blood pressure, the formation of high blood pressure disease.
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1, in everyday life, we all think that nosebleed is a common phenomenon. It may be a natural manifestation of dry weather or mood swings. 2, most people do not want to pay attention to this problem, but today, we have to tell you that nosebleeds are likely to be a dangerous signal of hypertension.
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Hello! According to your description, this cold phenomenon may be associated with poor heart function caused by long term hypertension.
It is suggested that we should stop lying down and rest when the blood pressure rises. Then we should take short acting antihypertensive drugs. If the blood pressure is stable, according to the patient's condition, if the symptom is still heavy, we should go to the doctor immediately.
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