What is the symptom of ABO hemolysis

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What is the symptom of ABO hemolysis

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Symptoms: first, if the children had hemolytic symptoms, it must be timely to receive treatment because of the mood, and their physical condition is very weak, so be sure to do the treatment may go to a regular hospital to accept regular hospital so you can let the children as much as possible to keep the body health.
Symptom two: in addition, children's hemolytic symptoms should be noticed from an early age, and it can be detected when we are doing B-mode ultrasound when we are pregnant. In this way, we should take some appropriate measures in time to relieve children's condition as much as possible. This is better for children.
Three symptoms: if the child is suffering from hemolytic disease, parents and friends should also pay attention to their own children have certain responsibilities to them, no matter what kind of frustration, can not give up the child, to be responsible for them, and let them have a better life.
Matters needing attention
When hemolysis occurs, it is very important to rescue it in time. So the medical staff must carefully look at whether the transfusion is wrong when carrying on the blood transfusion. In this case, the blood transfusion will be terminated immediately.
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