How to treat arterial thrombosis?

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How to treat arterial thrombosis?

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The disease often from some small details in a small will, so take good care of yourself is very important, but what if there is discomfort then should go to the hospital for effective treatment, if have arteriosclerosis it should be how to treat?

The first is: first of all, a reasonable diet is a must, and we need to understand that the increase of blood lipids is the main cause of arteriosclerosis, so the aim of diet prevention is to control blood lipids. These are often problems in life, as long as you can care for a little more, there will be good results.

Second: proper control of total calories, it is best to maintain their weight in the normal range, so sugar and high sugar content, cakes and cakes should be eaten as little as possible. Also eat less high cholesterol food, such as animal viscera, egg and so on should be as small as possible. But it can be taken properly.

Third: besides that, there are still less animal oil, but can eat more unsaturated fatty acids, mainly vegetable oil, but it is not that they don't eat at all, because this is not good for the body, so they can be used properly at ordinary times. Of course, in addition to diet patients or to go to the hospital for regular treatment.

Matters needing attention

So no matter what disease we should pay attention to, for example, our habits and habits, eating habits and so on are all the murderers that cause diseases indirectly, so it is better to take time out every year to go to the hospital for physical examination.
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Arterial embolism refers to emboli from the heart or the proximal arterial wall off, or from outside into the artery, blood flow was rushed to the far side, blocking the artery blood flow leads to a pathological process of the disease abrupt onset of corresponding limb or organ ischemia and necrosis, after the onset of limb life is under threat, early diagnosis and correct treatment is very important.
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Embolus can be composed of thrombosis, atherosclerotic plaques, bacterial cellulose condensates, air, tumor tissue, foreign bodies, such as shrapnel, broken wire, catheter, amniotic fluid and fat, but left atrial thrombosis is the most common. The control and treatment of the susceptible factors of this disease have a positive preventive effect. Symptoms significantly affect life and workers to consider surgical treatment.
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