What is the reason why ejaculation is too fast?

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What is the reason why ejaculation is too fast?

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There are many reasons for ejaculation too fast, such as long-term masturbation will cause ejaculation too fast, such as patients with redundant prepuce will cause ejaculation too fast, such as some diseases caused by patients with ejaculation too fast, no matter what causes ejaculation too fast, patients need to take seriously, avoid because men ejaculation too quickly lead to marital breakdown feelings, the patients appear to divorce risk, patients should be actively treated.

First: too fast too fast ejaculation in patients, is a large part of patients with perennial masturbation caused by masturbation will lead to patients with sensitive glans, afraid to be seen with masturbation, ejaculation is fast, it will form a habit, patients should gradually break the habit.
Second: male ejaculation is too fast with the patient's wrapping, in this kind of patients in a large part due to the redundant prepuce, glans foreskin long in the package, it is easy to cause the glans penis with more sensitive, which is associated with ejaculation too fast to one.
Third: because the prepuce is associated with ejaculation too fast, patients should go to the hospital for regular circumcision, it can relieve the patients from the root of ejaculation too fast problem, but also need to exercise, especially the private part of the exercise, this can ease.
Matters needing attention
If it is pathological ejaculation is too fast, we need to go to a regular hospital for detailed examination, find out the specific induced cause, and then conduct detailed treatment according to the cause of the disease, so that we can better treat ejaculation too fast, but also need to pay attention to diet.
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