What's the matter with the leg hemp after having hypertension?

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What's the matter with the  leg hemp after having hypertension?

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These years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the impact on our lives is very big. Our diet structure has changed greatly. The incidence and mortality of hypertension in China is also increasing. Therefore, hypertension diet is becoming more and more important. Let me share with you what happened to hypertensive leg anesthesia.
The first is the sudden onset of leg numbness after fatigue or mental stimulation, which is caused by excessive intake of salt. From the epidemiological study of population, the average daily sodium intake is related to the incidence of hypertension. The salt intake of the Chinese population is higher than that in the western countries, and the WHO advocates that the average salt intake of each person is not more than 6 grams per person per day. This is the common cause of high blood pressure.
Second: long term drinking is also the cause of common hypertension. A small amount of red wine is drunk. But drinking moderately for a long period of time (drinking more than 50 milliliters per day) has a bad effect on blood pressure. There was a 40% increase in the risk of high blood pressure in 4 years for male persistent drinkers than non drinkers.
Third: heredity, hypertension has obvious family clustering and genetic tendencies. It is estimated that at least 20%~40% of blood pressure variability in the population is determined by heredity, which is also a common cause of hypertension. The probability of onset is 3% for parents without hypertension and 28% for parents. The probability of hypertension is 46% for children whose parents have hypertension.
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1, control dietary fat. In fact, this is also for the purpose of controlling weight, because excessive intake of fat can lead to obesity. Fat quality is more important than the quantity of animal fat, saturated fat, cholesterol can increase, easily lead to thrombosis, the incidence of hypertension and stroke rate increase; 2, and vegetable oils containing unsaturated fatty acids is higher, can prolong the time of platelet aggregation, inhibition of thrombosis, lower blood pressure. The hypertension diet should choose the food of edible oil in vegetable oil and other food should choose foods low in saturated fat, low cholesterol, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, poultry etc..
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