What‘s wrong with the pain under the heart?

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asked in Internal Medicine by KATRINA
What‘s wrong with  the pain under the heart?

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answered by ALEXANDRA
First: if you have left below the chest suddenly angina, must be timely found, if not in time, can not be healed, but also will be very dangerous, can also cause other symptoms, so if found, must be timely medical treatment, the doctor to check for us, we prescribe some medicine or some needle. So as to early rehabilitation.
Second: we have to find a regular early medical treatment, doctors find a regular hospital to do a comprehensive inspection for us, after all, is a heart problem, is vulnerable to external stimuli, so we must be timely medical treatment, in order to better, let them from disease.
Third: if found in the left chest under sudden angina, that we should pay attention to diet, do not eat greasy things, eat some light things, such as porridge or soup and the like, must not eat meat, so it is difficult to digest. More detrimental to the treatment of pain, only to eat some light, can help health.
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