How gingival cancer is formed?

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How gingival cancer is formed?

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Gingival carcinoma of gingiva is mostly highly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, which is the most common type of ulcerative type. The lower gingiva is more frequent than the upper gingival, and the growth of the tumor is slow. The male is more than the female. The clinical manifestations are ulcers or papillary protuberances. Early tumors invaded the alveolar process and the jaw, and the teeth were loosened, shifted, and even lost.
The cause of oral cancer has not yet been fully understood. However, there is a consensus that most oral cancers are related to environmental factors. Some external factors, such as heat, chronic injury, ultraviolet, X-ray and other radioactive substances, can become carcinogenic factors.
Internal factors, such as neuropsychological factors, endocrine factors, immune state and genetic factors, all have been found to be related to oral cancer. Oral cancer is usually seen before the onset of oral cancer, such as oral leukoplakia, traumatic ulcers, papilloma.
Matters needing attention
After knowing the formation of gum cancer, we should pay attention to oral hygiene in daily life. After eating the food, we should form the habit of Shu Kou, which is good for the teeth and also helps to prevent the occurrence of gingival cancer.
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Gingival cancer is one of the most common oral cancers in clinic. The incidence of gingival cancer in oral cancer is probably second. In general, it is mainly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. The vast majority of gingival cancer patients are lower gingival cancer. It is found that the incidence of this disease is significantly higher in men than in women, and the growth of gingival cancer is relatively slow. But its prognosis is not very good, and it is not particularly sensitive to chemotherapy. In clinical treatment, surgery and radiotherapy are often used for treatment. What causes the disease?
Step / method:
1 in fact, any disease, its cause can be divided into internal and external causes of two categories, the external cause is mainly environmental factors. For example, some chronic injuries or ultraviolet rays, and the long term radiation of these radioactive substances can lead to cancer.
2, internal factors are mainly related to some physical factors of patients. For example, endocrine factors of patients, or lower immune status of the body, as well as genetic factors and neuropsychological factors, are all internal causes of cancer. In fact, oral cancer before the onset of the disease will have a precancerous lesion, common is the long-term ulcer nonunion, or oral leukoplakia.
3 other common factors in life are also a cause of oral cancer, such as bad oral hygiene. And long wearing inappropriate braces on gingival irritation damage. Or often eating some stimulant food, and so on, can induce oral cancer.
Matters needing attention´╝Ü
All of these are the common causes of gingival cancer. Apart from these internal factors, there is no way to control human beings. In fact, some external natural factors can be avoided by paying more attention. So try to keep away from these dangerous factors for your health.
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