What is the reason why the eyebrows are thin and thin

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What is the reason why the eyebrows are thin and thin

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If the girls when sparse eyebrows, also want to have a way to solve, because the eyebrow is part of an indispensable one, some girls use their bangs, directly masked you no eyebrows, but go down for a long time, is not a good way, eyebrows indeed very few words, using the method of plastic surgery can be solved, on the one hand, this is often we will neglect to so, if want to solve their own problems with sparse eyebrows, let me see if it is effective.
What is the reason that the eyebrows are thin and thin 1
The first: like hair, hair can be, and we put the transplantation method is called the eyebrows, brow, is more common to the graft reconstruction, hair planting method, the two methods are different in terms of words, in particular, is aiming at different situations.
Second: eyebrows are planted in the choice of hair is soft, after treatment, transplantation in the need to grow eyebrows, make to live long, their growth, you can see that there is not much difference with the previous eyebrows, after the surgery is not what complications, general requirements of high technology of plastic surgeons.
Third: the eyebrows made by free transplantation. Compared with the above methods, it is relatively simple, and the operation requirements are relatively low, while the cost is also greatly reduced. There will still be some shortcomings, such as the survival of eyebrows after transplantation will be reduced, and it will be scarce.
Matters needing attention
Sparse eyebrows, directly through the plant will be quite a good choice, if the use of makeup or bangs decoration, every day you need to spend some time and energy, on top of this problem, the former is a good embodiment of good alternatives to plastic surgery hospital.
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