What is the reason of low white blood cell?

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What is the reason of low white blood cell?

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What is the low white blood cell?
1. Infection of gram-negative bacilli leads to low leukocyte
Such as typhoid, Salmonella paratyphi, virus infection, such as influenza, viral hepatitis, parasitic infection, such as malaria.
2. Some blood diseases cause white blood cells to be too low
Such as aplastic anemia, granulocytic deficiency, leukocytic leukaemia, and so on.
3. Autoimmune diseases also cause white blood cells to be too low
Such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the immune antibody leads to leukocyte reduction. What is the low white blood cell?
4. Leucocyte is too low because of physical and chemical damage and drug reaction
Such as the radiation damage caused by benzene and its derivatives on chemical poisoning, such as chloramphenicol, phenylbutazone, various reactions caused by anticancer drugs.
5. The leucocyte caused by other diseases is too low
Such as liver cirrhosis, hypersplenism and so on. Treatment recommendations for symptomatic treatment, and can also take Chinese medicine conditioning.
How to do the low white blood cell
1. Severe reduction of white blood cell number requires emergency treatment
Leukocyte is composed of granulocyte, lymphocyte, monocyte and so on. Generally speaking, leukocyticemia is most commonly referred to as granulocytic reduction. If the degree of reduction is too obvious, it is likely that the bacteria will rapidly spread under the condition of complete or basic loss of resistance, and even lead to sepsis, which is a serious threat to life.
2. The cause of the homing leucocyte reduction should be directed at the cause of treatment
A common cause of neutropenia generally has three kinds: one is taking drugs, such as antipyretic analgesics, sulfonamides, if leukopenia is too obvious, you should stop taking or dressing; two is a viral infection, such as influenza, viral infection, the hand should actively carry out antiviral on the other hand, appropriate treatment, taking drugs to increase white blood cells; three is suffering from autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, this should also be the same intervention, choose clothes can increase drug white blood cells. What is the low white blood cell?
3. Further diagnosis and treatment of erythrocyte and / or thrombocytopenia are needed
When there is leukocyte reduction, if the other two cells in the blood are abnormal, the problem is more complex. First, we should further check. The most common thing is bone marrow examination to exclude any other hematologic diseases, and then decide the treatment plan.
4. Commonly used elevations of leukocyte drugs
Vitamin B4, hematopoietic, shark liver alcohol, coenzyme A and so on, generally without any side effects. Patients can be selected under the guidance of the doctor.
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Hello, first of all, answer your leukocyte reduction: some infections. Some blood diseases. Chronic physical and chemical injury. Autoimmune disease. Hypersplenism in the spleen. If your symptoms are caused by a cold, it's probably the first case. Watch it for a period of time. During the period, you should pay more attention to rest. Your diet is light and not spicy. It should be recovered soon. I wish you a quick recovery!
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Hello, white blood cells in the blood are the patrols of the human body to defend against bacterial invasion. When bacteria and other foreign bodies invade, white blood cells enter the invaded part, encircle, engulf and destroy bacteria, so white cells have the body's "white guard". It can be seen that the decrease of the number of leukocytes will weaken the human body's antibacterial ability and be susceptible to infection. However, leukocyte reduction does not necessarily have to be treated, one should see the degree of reduction; two should be seen to reduce the cause.
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