How is the cause of hypertension?

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How is the cause of hypertension?

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Hypertension is a systemic disease characterized by the sustained increase in the systolic and / or diastolic blood pressure. High blood pressure can be divided into essential hypertension (that is, unexplained hypertension) and secondary hypertension (that is, to find a specific cause of hypertension). Unfortunately, the former accounted for more than 90%. (like - person) with. According to the guide of our country launched in 2005, hypertension is defined as systolic blood pressure 140mmHg, diastolic blood pressure below 90mmHg. All the factors that affect the formation of blood pressure can affect blood pressure.

 Next to the convenience of discussion, in the following analysis we all assume that the other conditions are constant, and the formation mechanism of hypertension is explored under the premise of a single variable.

 1) the proportion of blood circulation and vascular system capacity: under normal conditions, the volume of blood and blood vessel is adaptable, that is to say, the filling pressure is not changed much. So in the volume of blood vessels and blood volume increased (there are many reasons Oh! Too professional, not digging into ^ ^ ^ or blood volume unchanged and decreasing volume of blood vessels (not digging deep into +1) will cause filling pressure to rise, so blood pressure will increase.

 2) the output of each stroke (abbreviated for short) is the amount of blood that the heart contractions once a pump into the blood vessel. The more the amount of pulsation, the more blood into the aorta, the greater the pressure in the wall of the artery. According to our analysis above, the stroke volume increased mainly leads to significantly higher systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and the rate is relatively small, because although the intra aortic systolic blood, but in vascular retraction to promote diastolic blood pressure will be greater, into the peripheral blood will be more, the final results diastolic blood pressure is not obvious.

3) heart rate: the heart needs to complete two basic steps to complete the function of pump blood: diastole, make venous blood return to the heart, and contract -- pump the blood into the artery, once the diastole plus one contraction completes a cardiac cycle. The heart rate increases, shortening the time is more obvious than systolic diastolic diastolic flow, and thus in the peripheral blood was reduced (no time to take the blood into the aorta, and >_< extrapolation aww) end diastolic left aortic blood more, diastolic blood pressure. Of course, systolic blood pressure will also increase, but blood pressure is also increased due to increased blood pressure, so systolic blood flow into peripheral blood is still more, so systolic blood pressure is not as much as that of diastolic blood pressure.

4) peripheral resistance: peripheral resistance can slow the flow of blood to the periphery. The peripheral resistance increases, diastolic outward reduced blood circumfluence (aortic root crowded real ah hum, so >_<) end diastolic left aortic blood more, diastolic blood pressure. Of course, the systolic pressure increases, but because the systolic pressure is higher than the diastolic pressure, the velocity of the blood flow is faster, so the systolic pressure is not as high as that of the diastolic pressure. Smart people can think of blood components and resistance have a great relationship with the same root Straw drink and drink milkshakes certainly compared to right ~

5) the hard elasticity of aorta and large artery: as mentioned earlier, the storage effect of large artery elastic device can play a buffer blood pressure fluctuation the. This problem has plagued the comprehension of worrying me for a long time, but finally wit from life experience and found the answer: 1 meters from the place he fell on the cement floor and trampoline, when dropped obviously the former feel more pressure, and then fell to the ground of the former is obviously not to rise again and the latter can be right! Right! The vascular elasticity is poor compared with good vascular elasticity, elevated systolic blood pressure (off the ground when feeling stressed), diastolic blood pressure decreased (about lower diastolic blood pressure did not find a satisfactory explanation in the textbooks, my understanding is that less energy into potential energy into kinetic energy in natural flow to the peripheral blood. The more, the rest of the diastolic aortic blood in the less, and diastolic blood pressure decreased). Is it dizzy? In fact, simply summed up is that systolic heart pump has much more blood into the large blood vessels, and the systolic blood pressure is increased obviously.
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Hypertension is an independent disease whose main clinical manifestation is that the blood pressure of the circulatory artery is higher than the normal range. The main cause of the disease is related to the disorder of advanced neuroactivity. The early symptoms of hypertension were dizziness, headache, palpitation, insomnia, nervous irritability, fatigue etc.. In the future, the heart, brain and kidney organs can be gradually involved, and it can be complicated with hypertensive heart disease, renal failure, cerebrovascular accident and so on. Hypertension affects work and life, and hypertension is the most important risk factor for coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. Of the patients with myocardial infarction, 50% were hypertensive patients, and 76% of the patients with stroke had a history of hypertension. Therefore, the risk of hypertension is sudden death or disability. Patients with high blood pressure should learn to live and treat early in order to control the development of the disease. There are two primary and secondary types of hypertension. Primary hypertension occurs mostly in middle-aged people and most of them are mental workers. Secondary hypertension is a symptom of other diseases, such as kidney, brain, blood vessels and endocrine diseases, which can cause blood pressure to rise. Because of the long duration of hypertension, it is easy to cause coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, so hypertension is closely related to coronary heart disease. There is a common requirement for food selection. When the whole body feels numb or a side limb activity is impaired, even when palpitation, shortness of breath, chest tightness or even lying on the ground, blood pressure should be measured in time, because hypertension crisis is likely to happen. Hypertension is an attractive epidemic in the world today, and the higher the prevalence rate is in the more developed countries. The prevalence of hypertension in China has risen from 6% in the early days of liberation to about 10%. Hypertension is closely related to lifestyle. So what are the risk factors of life, which are easy to suffer from hypertension? 1. fat prone to human obesity hypertension mainly due to systemic subcutaneous fat increase body weight increased, blood volume increases, increased to increase the burden on the heart and vascular resistance, and therefore prone to hypertension. 2., those who like to eat salty food are easy to get hypertension. Salt contains sodium and salty ones, and the intake of sodium is much. Sodium keeps the moisture in the body and increases the volume of blood, resulting in hypertension. 3., people who drink more often get hypertension, drink alcohol more than 22 every day. In the long run, alcohol can damage arteries and arteries, make arteriosclerosis and increase blood pressure. If smoking at the same time, it will aggravate the increase of blood pressure. 4., people who are mentally stressed or anxious for a long time tend to get high blood pressure for a long time, such as mental stress, emotional agitation, excessive anxiety, noise, etc., coupled with physiological imbalance in the body, high cortical dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, and easy to develop hypertension. Although not as lean fat of blood volume, but also may be due to other factors causing hypertension. People must not neglect their blood pressure. 5. the hereditary factors of hypertension accounted for about 30%. People with family history of hypertension have bad habits and bad stimulation, often prone to high blood pressure. But if you develop good habits, such as eating less salt, smoking, not drinking, and not obese, you can also not have high blood pressure. As the age increases, the blood vessel elasticity is poor and the resistance of the arteriole increases, thus the blood pressure increases. Persistent hypertension can cause injury and change of arterial wall and aggravate arteriosclerosis, and the two causes cause and effect. Therefore, high blood pressure is easy to occur in the elderly. Drug therapy for hypertensive patients is very important. Patients should follow the guidance of doctors, remember that their commonly used drugs should not be used indiscriminately, so as to avoid accidents. The sooner the treatment time is, the better the threshold hypertension should start. Hypertension patients take medication instructions: adhere to the daily use of drugs, even if the condition is better, still should take the maintenance amount. Do not take the antihypertensive drugs before going to bed, prevent the fall of blood pressure, decrease the amount of brain blood, slow down the speed, and form cerebral thrombosis easily. During the use of antihypertensive drugs, caution or taboo ephedrine, cough pill, fritillayr Extract Tablets and other drugs. Ginseng contains substances that inhibit the body's fat decomposition, and people with high blood pressure should be used carefully. The maintenance of hypertension patients is very important. At the same time, they are treated with the treatment of life, environment and spirit. Pay attention to diet, low salt (5 grams a day), low animal fat. Obesity in patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease can increase the burden of the heart because of excessive fat in the body. Therefore, the obese hypertension, the coronary heart patient, first must control the diet, mainly with the vegetarian diet, can achieve the control weight. The weight lost and the blood pressure decreased. Choose low calorie food, eat more low fat food, and eat vegetable oil as much as possible. Because the vegetable oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, the cholesterol in the plasma will decrease, which can reduce the onset of hypertension and coronary heart disease. Animal fat, liver, brain, heart, kidney, butter, bone marrow, fish, milk fat and other foods, containing high cholesterol, should eat less or not eat. Proper exercise, do exercise can choose light, long time "Endurance" exercise project. The law of life ensures adequate sleep (7 - 8 hours) and a combination of work and work. No impatience, control of emotion, joy and happiness. The patients with high blood pressure and coronary heart disease should eat fish, lean meat, bean and bean products to increase the protein in the body. Soy products contain cereal sterols, which inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine, and vitamin C can also reduce the cholesterol in the plasma. Therefore, the patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C (sour fruit). At the same time, hypertension and coronal heart patients should control the amount of salt. Because sodium salt can cause the body's small artery spasm, make the blood pressure rise. And the sodium salt also absorbs water, so that
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Hello, the cause of high blood pressure is a lot of reason! Such as eating habits, genetic factors, living environment, work pressure is too large can also cause heavy, people are likely to suffer from hypertension.
For the choice of hypertension, the patients should choose the appropriate antihypertensive drugs according to their own condition and physical condition, and they can not be used blindly. According to their own blood pressure and physical condition selection of Chinese medicine or western medicine to the case, so that the effective control of blood pressure.
Usually also pay attention to diet and lifestyle, low salt diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, can make some fan mandshurica grass and drink soften blood vessels, regulating blood pressure, weight control, regular exercise, relieve stress, maintain a good attitude.
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