what is the cause of high blood pressure

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Recently always feel dizzy, go to the hospital to check blood pressure is rising, is said to have hypertension. I want to know what is the cause of high blood pressure.

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answered by JASMINE
Hypertension symptoms such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, forgetfulness, fatigue, insomnia, irritability and so on, the symptoms of hypertension when blood pressure suddenly increased significantly in hypertensive encephalopathy, severe headache, vomiting, convulsions, coma and other visual loss, cerebral edema and intracranial hypertension symptoms, should be timely to the hospital for treatment.
It often varies from person to person in the period of illness. There are no symptoms or symptoms in the early stage, even in physical examination or other causes of blood pressure. There is no consistent relationship between the symptoms and the degree of elevated blood pressure, which may be associated with advanced neurologic dysfunction. Some people have low blood pressure and a lot of symptoms, while other patients have high blood pressure, but their symptoms are not obvious.
Hypertension is divided into two types, primary and secondary, and secondary is caused by some diseases, such as:
(1) kidney disease, such as chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis and other causes of renal insufficiency.
(2) adrenal diseases such as primary aldosteronism, Cushing syndrome, pheochromocytoma and so on.
(3) renal vascular disease, such as a variety of causes of renal artery stenosis.
(4) major vascular disorders, such as congenital aortic coarctation, atherosclerosis, or arteritis of the aorta, and so on.
(5) some systemic diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, cerebrovascular disease, etc.
The main causes of primary hypertension can be divided into two aspects: genetic and environmental factors. There are other factors. Overweight or obesity is an important risk factor for high blood pressure.
The causes of hypertension are as follows:
1, the living environment is very bad
We now take a look at the living environment, every day we eat a lot of substandard or unhealthy food processing, and production method for large-scale agricultural production of vegetables and fruit looks very delicious, but because of the infinite growth cycle is shortened, the extensive use of the growth agent lost its main nutrients. In addition, the residual pesticides in vegetables, hormones in meat products, vehicle exhaust in the air will directly lead to the increase of oxygen free radicals in the body, destroy cell mitochondria, accelerate the aging of human body, and make people suffer from hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
2. The irrational diet structure
The life of modern people is more and more rich, and the delicacies on the table are becoming more and more rich, but the nutritional structure is becoming more and more unbalanced. Have you found that there are more and more meat and fat in your diet. In order to pursue better taste, there are many kinds of seasoning, but the figure of vegetables and coarse grains is becoming more and more difficult to see. Therefore, lack of trace elements and inadequate fiber intake bring many health problems to modern people, and also lead to chronic diseases such as "three high", cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and so on.
3. The way of life is unscientific
1) too little exercise
Do not like to exercise, even the most convenient and effortless walk does not bother to participate. No time, every day, "line two point three sit" -- from home to work unit "line two points", go out to take a car, work to sit a chair, return home to have a good dinner, sit sofa, watch TV. Ultimately lead to obesity, aggravate the occurrence of the three high.
2) smoking, drinking, drinking coffee
The pace of modern life is faster. Besides high calorie snacks, the smoking, drinking, coffee and strong tea of office workers are often difficult to control, which makes the body overburdened and easily leads to three highs.
The precautions of hypertension include the following points: (1) reasonable diet; (two) moderate exercise; (three) stopping smoking and drinking; (four) psychological balance; (five) self management; (six) timely medical treatment. Critical hypertension should also be paid attention to.
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answered by LEE
Hypertension is the result of multiple factors, such as genetic factors, environmental factors, dietary factors, personal habits and so on.
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answered by SHELIA
Hello, the cause of high blood pressure is not very clear. It is common to have heredity, obesity, age, too much salt, environment and occupation.
Hypertension can not be cured. It is necessary to take long-term medication control. It is suggested that long acting preparations such as fewer times of medication and stable blood pressure effect, such as telmisartan, usually low salt and low fat diet, smoking cessation liquor, proper physical exercise, and weight control.
The above is "what is the cause of high blood pressure?" The suggestion of this question, hope to you have the help, wish you health!
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answered by ANTOINETTE
Hypertension is a group of systemic arterial pressure increased as the mainly clinical syndrome, by the interaction of genetic factors and environmental factors and the formation of a variety of environmental factors, including lifestyle is the key factor, therefore, actually belongs to the lifestyle of hypertension. Man has evolved from the ape, although walking upright is an important condition for human from animal evolution on all fours, but this is entirely to changes in the environment caused by pressure adaptive behavior. In fact, upright walking causes many diseases, such as orthostatic hypotension, cervical spondylosis and so on. The genes that make people get high blood pressure can only be expressed when people can live to a certain age. The best expression of hypertension related genes may be 40 years old, with the increase of age, the risk of hypertension increases. Genes that lead to hypertension and hypercholesterolemia are very early, and why have it been obvious in the last few decades? The living environment and lifestyle of human beings have changed dramatically in the last few decades. In the past, human beings could not eat too much salt, sugar, animal fat, cholesterol and alcohol and high nutritious food. They could not be generally obese, lack of activity and mental stress, and could not experience serious environmental pollution. Control of high blood pressure should start with a lifestyle change, not entirely dependent on antihypertensive drugs. It is often difficult for patients to change their lifestyles actively, and drug use is relatively simple. Hypertensive patients and doctors are widespread tendency of antihypertensive drugs blindly believe that every day, medication, it Everything will be fine.. The result is that although effective control of hypertension, patients still die of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident, because hypertension is not the only risk factor of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident, lifestyle is the biggest risk factor. Therefore, both doctors and patients should focus on changing their lifestyles.
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answered by ALISON
Hello, there are a lot of causes:
1. genetic factors
About half of the hypertensive patients have a family history. At present, it is considered as a result of polygenic inheritance, and 30% to 50% of the hypertensive patients have genetic background.
2. mental and environmental factors
Long term stress, excitement, anxiety, noise or bad visual stimulation may also cause hypertension.
3. age factors
The incidence of the disease is increasing with age, and the incidence is high in people over 40 years of age.
4. factors of living habits
The structure of the diet is not reasonable, such as excessive sodium salt, low potassium diet, heavy drinking, and excessive intake of saturated fatty acids can increase blood pressure. Smoking accelerates the process of atherosclerosis and is a risk factor for hypertension.
5. effects of drugs
The contraceptive pill, the hormone, the anti-inflammatory analgesics, etc. can affect the blood pressure.
6. the influence of other diseases
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