What are the main symptoms of the strain of the lumbar muscles?

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What are the main symptoms of the strain of the lumbar muscles?

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The main symptoms of lumbar muscle strain:
1. Radiation pain of the lower extremities: radiation pain in the area of the sciatic nerve in the lower extremities is the main symptom of the strain of the lumbar muscles, often appearing when the lumbago is lost or relieved. The pain of lumbar muscle strain starts from the buttocks, gradually radiating on the posterior side of the thigh and the lateral part of the leg, and some can develop to the dorsum of the foot, heel or foot, affecting the standing and walking. If the protruding part is in the center, the symptoms of the cauda equina and bilateral protruding may be bilateral or alternately.
2, the waist activity disorder: this kind of lumbar muscle strain symptoms are affected in all aspects of the waist activity, especially in the future. It is obviously limited during the flexion.
3, sense of numbness: after the strain of the lumbar muscles, the sense of numbness often occurs during the course of the development of the course of the disease. The symptoms are often manifested in the posterolateral leg, the dorsum of the foot, the heel, or the palmar. And numbness of the limbs is the main symptom of the strain of the lumbar muscles.
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The 1. part of the waist ache or pain, tingling or burning.
2. increased when tired and relieved when rest; appropriate activities and regular changes in the position of the body were reduced, and the activity was excessive and aggravated.
3. do not stick to work. Often forced to constantly stretch or to relieve the pain in the waist fist hit.
4. there is a tenderness point at the waist, mostly at the sacrospinous muscle, the posterior part of the iliac spine, the end of the sacral spinous muscle at the posterior sacrum, or the transverse process of the lumbar spine.
5. the waist shape and activity is not abnormal, there is no obvious lumbar spasm, a few patients are slightly limited in the waist activity.
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Lumbar muscle strain and its point of attachment to the waist muscle fascia or periosteum of chronic inflammatory injury, is a common cause of back pain, the main symptom is lumbar or lumbosacral pain, pain, recurrent, pain can change due to climate change or the degree of fatigue, such as daytime fatigue aggravating, the rest can be reduced after weight. Mainly due to physical labor, physical exercise, too tired, damp and cold. It is recommended that your friend avoid the flexion of the back muscles in a high tension state, pay attention to the rhythm of labor, choose the sitting posture that accords with the waist biomechanics, often change the position, so it is not suitable for a long sitting posture. Enhanced back muscle exercise to swallow water is good, 3 times / day, gradually increased; also can do physical therapy, drug therapy, Chinese herbs, such as closed treatment.
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