Is it addictive to use insulin?

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Is it addictive to use insulin?

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In clinical work, often encounter such a situation, have used a variety of diabetes, blood sugar is still high, or with ketosis. What should I do in this case? The third people's Hospital of Dalian, the director of Ge Guang rock of the endocrine ward two, said that this situation should be treated with insulin.
Many diabetics believe that once the insulin is started, a life-long injection is needed to maintain blood sugar, which is the so-called "addiction" to insulin. In fact, insulin is not a drug, but a hormone in the body. If the body content is not enough, it will affect the health of diabetic patients. Therefore, insisting on insulin is a supplement to the body's insulin defect, rather than addiction after injection.
A part of patients with type 2 diabetes have been around for 5 years. Doctors will arrange for patients to fight insulin. The patients cannot understand this. They often question "why do I get sick so soon?" Doctors suggest that insulin use does not look at the time of the disease, but it is entirely dependent on whether the insulin can be secreted in the body of a sugar friend.
According to Mao Hong, director of Department of Endocrinology, Wuhan Central Hospital, generally speaking, several factors such as the comprehensive time of illness and the efficacy of oral hypoglycemic agents will give a suggestion of whether or not sugar friends can fight insulin.
In general, the prevalence of patients over 5 years to consider when insulin; type 2 Tangyou oral hypoglycemic drug effect is not obvious or acute complications to insulin, because of acute complications is very heavy, coma, sometimes there is danger, this time must use insulin to rescue. In addition, when the function of liver and kidney of sugar friends is not normal, insulin should also be used. Because of the abnormal function of the liver and kidney, the drug can not be decomposed very well, which leads to the accumulation of drugs in the body and even poisoning.
Director Ge Guangyan also reminded the sugar friends: the level of individualization of insulin treatment, each diabetic patient will have their own treatment, not a knife. Therefore, be sure to ask your doctor to make a standard and scientific treatment for you, and do not copy other people's medication. Remember one: the best that suits you.
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